About Me

I love soccer. I played for nine years, but really was never any good; I started playing at my local YMCA, and continued in various rec leagues. Unfortunately, my high school never had a soccer team, so I was unable to play at that level. I tried circulating a petition to form a soccer team, but the administration wasn’t having it. So I stayed in rec leagues and didn’t get much better, because I didn’t play people who were much better than I was. Ultimately, I turned to other outlets for my time and energy. I never lost my love of the game though. I love watching pro soccer games any chance I get. When I had my son, I so desperately hoped he would enjoy soccer like I had. I put him on a team at age 4, and the mob of kids overwhelmed him. He decided he hated it. His dad was no help, allowing him to skip games every time it was his turn to get him there, and probably egging minime on in his dislike of it. But minime is now ten, and he is finally ready to give it another shot. He will play for his school, through the youth boosters program. So I am considering being an assistant coach for his team this fall! I created this site to help me remember why I love soccer so dearly, to help me brush up on the basics and the fine points of the game, and to encourage me to follow through with this idea. My hope is that the info here will educate, inspire, or otherwise help people who have similar interests.