Famous Footballers

There have been a lot of great soccer players over the years, and more will still come. However, few stand out from the rest, and these are the players that have left their mark in this sport. Whether it is their skills behind the net as goalkeepers, stopping any attacks by the opponents as defenders, controlling the game as midfielders or scoring goals as strikers, one thing is for certain few have left the game legends. Whether it is living or dead, these players have made their presence felt on the pitch, and that is why they are the best. Below are some of the famous soccer players from around the world.

Lionel Messi

This is one of the greatest players of our time by far, and he will remain this for a lot more years to come. He has proved his skills are unmatched in his club Barcelona as well as his national team Argentina. Messi is one name that a lot of defenders and goalkeepers dread meeting as opponents. From a young age to the most famous football player alive, Messi has won it all, and there is not a record that he hasn’t yet broken.

Christiano Ronaldo


This is also another player that you need not mention twice for people to know who he is. Started his career at Manchester United where he helped the club lift the Champions League trophy and a lot more accolades, Ronaldo sure is a player that is on the lips of many. Now ploughing his trade for the Spanish giants real Madrid, Ronaldo is a player that has also won it all. Being named FIFA player of the year for sometimes is no mean feat. He has achieved success in the game beyond anyone’s dreams, and he too remains a force that opponents fear encountering in the field.

Neymar Jr

This is also another player that is sure one of the best at the moment and there is no doubt that one out of ten human beings on this planet knows his name. He has steadily climbed on to the ranks of football’s greats with ease. This is because he is a versatile player with the ball and he can score from anywhere. Playing for Barcelona, he is a figure that you can’t miss on the field and the lips of many. This Brazilian is just an incredible talent that will always be loved and adored by many fans.

Wayne Rooney

Although not at his best at the moment, this is also another player on the field that has been a versatile player all through the years. It is no wonder that anyone who knows anything about soccer knows who Wayne Rooney is and what he is all about. He is one of the best Manchester United players there are and have been through the years. He is also England’s national team captain, something that not many people can boast of considering the immense talent in English football. This is one player that has been dynamic all through the years, and a lot of people know who he is.

And let us not forget Pele — see the official trailer below for the official film about his life!

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